Brush Hero Wheel Brush, Premium Water-Powered Turbine for Rims, Engines, Bikes, Equipment, Furniture and More (White/Black))

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An amazing auto-detailing tool, the Brush-Hero offers much more making ALL cleaning projects easy and fun. This innovative water-powered turbine combines the advantages of scrubbing power tools with the simple cleaning power of water. Use with car soap, cleaners or water alone. You’ll find the Brush-Hero handy for tires, rims and all auto detailing needs. Use the white brush for tough jobs and the black brush for sensitive surfaces such as chrome. It really works! Even use it as a hand cleaner after messy, muddy yard work or greasy auto and bike repair.

Use the Brush-Hero to: Clean tires, rims and hubcaps. Finally wash hard-to-reach spots around lug nuts and behind the wheel spokes! Detail your engine! While the Brush-Hero was designed for bike, motorcycle and auto detailing, customers use it to clean virtually anything: barbecues, yard tools, siding, screens, rain gutters, sports equipment and pets.

The Brush-Hero’s narrow profile makes it perfect for cleaning under the hood. Wash your car’s fenders and windows. The soft black brush is gentle on chrome, wheel paint, alloy wheel paint, cassettes, engines and most paint jobs.

No batteries or electricity required! This is an all-in-one cleaning tool: wheel brush, bike wash brush, auto washing tool, pool cleaner, motorcycle cleaner and so much more. Its the only piece of auto washing equipment you’ll ever need.

No mechanical parts, everything is easily replaceable – including the detachable brushes. This device features a simple turbine that is powered by water pressure. No metal – the durable plastic is made to stand up to harsh cleaning chemicals, and you’ll never worry about rust or corrosion. The Brush Hero fits any standard garden hose, and you can use it with hose-end soap dispensers for even more cleaning power. With a constant flow of water, the brush not only rinses as it scrubs, but self-cleans as well.

  • THE ULTIMATE DETAIL BRUSH Finally clean tricky, tight, hard-to-reach areas around lug nuts, wheel spokes and grills.
  • RINSES AS IT SCRUBS Our patented technology generates an impressive amount of torque, providing an all-in-one cleaning experience.
  • NO ELECTRICITY/BATTERIES REQUIRED The Brush Hero is powered by water pressure alone and connects to any standard garden hose.
  • GREAT GIFT IDEA While originally designed for expert car and bike detailing, customers are using the Brush Hero wheel brush to clean virtually anything.
  • INTERCHANGEABLE BRUSHES Our sets come with ONE tool/turbine and TWO interchangeable brush heads. Many customers have several brush heads on hand for different tasks: car brush, mud brush, food brush, pet brush, etc.

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