Blue Embroidered Shawl for women- Indian Apparel Wool Accessory Scarf 84x34 Inch

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A traditional yet timeless shawl that at once makes you feel warm and comfortable on the one hand, and gives classy and elegant look on the other. This 100% handmade woolen shawl is a creation of a very enterprising tribe living in the state of Gujarat in India. Rabari tribes who are credited with creating these shawls manage a complex symbiotic relationship with other communities in the region. Rabaris first get the weaving done by the Marwada Meghwal Harijans. Then Khatri crafts people carry out tie and dye printing. Finally Rabaris themselves execute embroidery and also market the product in their own region. Add this tribal masterpiece to your wardrobe and enjoy wearing it for many years to come

  • Woolen fabric
  • Tie dye and embroidery by hand
  • Handloom woven
  • Tribal art designs
  • Created by Rabari tribe in India

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