Bamoer Mother's Day Gift Luxury Rose Gold Plated Bracelet with Sparkling White Cubic Zirconia Stones for Women

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Here’s a bracelet that gives you all the sparkle you could want, in an elegant and graceful design. The pure white cubic zirconia stones are arranged in a charming rosette pattern in each link, with one central stone surrounded by nine smaller. Cubic zirconia is an optically flawless stone with a color and refractive index almost identical to diamond and an optical dispersion that’s actually higher than diamond. (Optical dispersion is what adds rainbow colors to the sparkle of a cut stone.) Cubic zirconia is also harder than most natural gemstones — only ruby, sapphire, and diamond are harder. Complementing the stones is the metalwork of the bracelet, which is expertly crafted and plated with rose gold, an alloy that many consider to be the most beautiful of gold’s many color variations.

Suitable for any occasion and a complement to any outfit, this bracelet will add some real flash and pizazz to the wrist of any woman. It would make a wonderful gift for that special woman in your life, for a friend, relative, or for yourself!

Note: Some find the clasp to be tight on its first use. To open, first flip open the safety clip at the side of the clasp. Then press down on the main clasp release and pull apart. If it doesn’t open, try gently twisting the two sides of the clasp in opposite directions a few times.

Tips of opening the bracelet clasp: 1. Open the clip; 2. Hold both two ends of the clasp; 3. Pull the clasp. New bracelet clasp might be tight, if you find the clasp hard to pull off, please try to shake the clasp up and down with your fingers, then pull more harder.

Bamoer is a company committed to beautiful fashion jewelry of the absolute highest quality at affordable prices.

  • A beautiful bracelet with plenty of flash and sparkle in gorgeous rose gold settings.
  • 10 cubic zirconia stones per link and 22 links in the bracelet — 220 stones, all of them sparkling and beautifully set!
  • 6.7 inches (17 cm) long. We recommend you measure out how this length will fit your wrist before purchasing.
  • White cubic zirconia stones have a color and refractive index almost identical to diamond, so they sparkle and shine like the real thing.
  • Featuring excellent craftsmanship, the metalwork on this bracelet looks identical to what you’d expect on a diamond bracelet costing thousands of dollars.

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