Super Silent Perkins Diesel Generator Push Start 200kva with Stamford Alternator DSE controller (UK)

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Super Silent Perkins Diesel Generator Push Start 200kva with Stamford Alternator DSE controller (UK)
Brand New Push Start Automatic Perkins Diesel Generator Lights Up Your World!
Package comes with one year UAE One year International warranty. +Free Delivery & Free Installation & Certificate of Authenticity.
We have Diesel Generators for Power Generation ranges from 8kva to 2250kva at a reasonable discounted price.
Built In Fuel Tank For 24 Hours Running with silent low noise weatherproof canopy.
Built In Control Panel with amazing features
Push Start button - No hassle for rope!
Door with built in isolation panels to control heat.
Air Louver For Intake & Exhaust for stormy weather
Exhaust Gas Silencer to make genset silent
Soundproof Type (below 75dBA @ 7m)
Container/canopy Soundproof Type
ATS ( Automatic transfer switch) Optional 
(Additional fuel tank for refill monthly) OPTIONAL
We focus on both standards as innovation, services & turnkey solutions to companies across the globe, With a strong focus on customized solutions for a wide range of engineering companies & large-scale projects.
British Perkins Brand commonly known as the Rolls Royce Engine Co., Ltd. as well.
It is one of the world's largest engine manufacturers, founded in 1932, and has an annual output of nearly 40 million engines. In 1998, its controlling interest was held by the US Chrysler Corporation, and it became a member of the Carter Group. Perkins Generator Company quickly occupied part of the market share and have made remarkable achievements in the generator market.
Performance parameters of Perkins generator set: 
Under all conditions, the voltage regulation rate is always within ±1%: 
• 1. Power factor is between 0.8-1 (hysteresis) 
• 2. Fluctuation from empty load to full load 
• 3. Rotating speed falls within the range of 4.5% 
Overall characteristics 
• High strength low carbon steel welding base 
• Integral hoisting lug, built-in shock absorbing cushion 
• Advanced coating layer, wear resistance, hanging and bright lasting 
Regulating rate of steady frequency 
• Responsible for changes from 0-100% 
• Not more than 1.0% (electronic speed regulation) 
• Not more than 4.5% (mechanical speed regulation) 
• Responsible for 0-100%, frequency fluctuation rate not more than 0.25% 
• The maximum waveform deformity rate of no-load line voltage not more than 3% 
• The waveform distortion rate of three-phase balancing load line voltage not more than 5%
Filtration system 
• Dry-type air filter with a state indicator 
• Rotary type paper full flow and bypass oil filter 
• Double stage rotary type paper diesel filter 
Intake and exhaust system 
• Turbocharging 
• Water cooling intercooler turbocharging 
• Air cooling intercooler turbocharging 
Fuel system 
• 12V or 24V DC electromagnetic valve oil break, double-layer rotary paper fuel filter 
• 1300 series, 2300 series, 2500 series and 2800 series are EFI engines 
• 4000 series are electronic speed regulation, and others are mechanical regulation 
Perkins generators sets have good quality and low price, with a high ratio of performance and price. Perkins was the first manufacturer to adopt EFI technology, which has the advantages of high efficient, energy saving and low emissions, etc. and at present, Rolls Royce has been widely recognized and accepted by the market. 
The slogan of Perkins: “No matter for which industry and what emission requirements, Perkins will resolutely provide the solutions” 
For free quotation do not hesitate to contact us
Characteristics of Perkins engines: 
1. Low noise, high emission standard: in accordance with 1/2TA LUFT emission standard. 
2. High economical efficiency: it adopts the four top cylinder valve structure to optimize flow control, together with perfect mist injection by the fuel injection nozzle, to ensure rapid combustion, high efficiency and economical efficiency. 
3. Stability and reliability: it adopts the top technology for development and testing, and 
uses advanced multi-point injection cooling system to control piston temperature, and uses multi-elemental analysis control to ensure stability, low fuel consumption and low wear. 
Come and Visit us in our warehouse to take a look of our wide range of genuine Perkins products as we are selling with Certificate of authenticity + warranty. as we are middle east distributor. 
**We have a Large Stock of Diesel Generators Original Perkins designed and made in UK.
**Coupling with Leroy Somer/Stamford/Linz Alternator
**Deep Sea (DSE) Controller.
**Available in open, closed and trailer type.
**Ranges from 8kVA up to 2250 kVA suits for every ones needs.
**All Generators carry One (1) year UAE + International Warranty.
** Free delivery all Over the UAE.
**Available in 50Hz